March 29, 2015

Profile Extrusion Achieves New Safety Record!

We are proud to announce that Profile Extrusion has successfully completed four years of operations without a lost time accident. This is an amazing achievement that did not just happen on its own. Each of our employees contributed to this success by making the commitment to working safely. “To my knowledge, this is only the second time that the Rome facility has met such a goal,” says David Newby, General Manager of the Rome Plant.

Not only is this great news for our employees, it is an amazing accomplishment that also saves our clients money. Lost time accidents add extra costs to both the facility and the customer by extending production time. Because of our employees’ safe practices, we at Profile Extrusion are proud to complete projects in a timely manner, saving our clients time and money for four straight years.

“I want to commend everyone for the efforts put forth to achieve this great goal,” continues Newby. “It took a conscious effort on the part of each employee to work in a safe manner.” To celebrate this milestone, Profile Extrusion will offer a steak dinner to all of its employees.



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