November 26, 2015

Profile Launches Industry-Leading 2604 Paint

We are excited to introduce a new paint technology!  PRO10XL is an industry-leading 2604 aluminum paint that features reduced color deviation, extended gloss retention, and a ten-year warranty.  Profile Extrusion Aluminum Paint PRO10XL Logo

Available exclusively from Profile Extrusion Company, PRO10XL is a proprietary polyester resin that provides extra protection from acid rain and corrosive environments. It is made with premium exterior grade pigmentation to provide color stability and resistance to chalking and fading. We’ve launched an interactive color tool to allow you to compare the industry standard deviation with that of PRO10XL paint for any color you choose.  There, you can also see the results of our 500 and 1,000 UV Exposure testing where Pro10XL outperforms both the standard 2604 paint as well as powder coating.

The exterior weathering performance makes PRO10XL a cost-effective coating for commercial and monumental applications. It is ideal for use on curtain walls, window frames, store fronts, fascia, trim railings and other similar aluminum extrusions.

AAMA specifications for 2604 paint are categorized by performance and generally include a 5-year warranty. Without adding additional cost from the industry standard, PRO10XL offers a 10-year warranty.  The paint will not only resist chips, cracks, and peeling, but is warranteed for color retention and consistency at less than 5 ΔE deviation for 5 years and 7 ΔE for 10 years, an improvement over the industry standard.

PRO10XL will allow our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer their own customers a superior finished product with longer life,” says Profile General Manager David Newby.

A special resin technology in PRO10XL series products provides extra stain resistance and prevents dirt pick-up. The top hardness of the coating prevents marring and scratching during transit and asemble to reduce scrap and field touch-up. This hardness also prevents chipping during cutting, drilling, and hole-punching.

PRO10XL is available in low to high gloss finishes. A custom internal intermix system provides fast response to special customer needs. Mica and aluminum-based metallics provide unique finishes without the need for a clear overcoat.

Contact us today to see how PRO10XL might help you wow your current customers, earn new customers, and extend the life of your aluminum extrusion products.



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